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Business Loans

Business LoanThis blog is going to be answering the question: ‘What is a business loan?’.A Business Loan is a common form of finance for businesses and one of the first options many S.M.Es consider when seekingfunding. The lender provides money that the borrower pays back, with interest, over an agreed period. Many funders provide business […]

Asset Finance explained

Asset FinanceThis blog will be answering the following question: “Asset Finance – What is it?Leasing & Hire Purchase?”Leasing and Hire Purchase are two of the most popular forms of finance in the UK, behind only bank overdrafts and credit cards in terms of S.M.E use.They allow businesses to obtain equipment, machinery or other business assets […]

Invoice Finance demystified

enquiries@everestfinancial.co.ukEverest Financial Services is a trading style of Everest Fin Edu Tech Limited (FRN:983758) who are an appointed representative of White RoseFinance Group Ltd (FRN:630772) authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Invoice FinanceThe effects of COVID-19 on S.M.E businesses across the UK has been profound, so let’s be clear, if you’re a business […]

Revolving Credit Facilities

“What is a revolving credit facility?”.Revolving credit facilities are a great alternative to a traditional overdraft provided by the high street banks. The funder agrees a line of credit with the business which can be drawn down and repaid during the agreed term.Interest is often charged for the funds drawn, for the time they are […]

Property Bridge Finance

There are two main types of property bridge finance, firstly the regulated residential bridge finance and secondly the non-regulated property bridge finance. Click the below link to find out how Everest Financial Services can assist in getting a regulated residential bridge loan. The regulated residential bridge finance is for owner occupied residential property, which needs […]

Real Estate Development Finance

Click on the link https://www.everestfinancial.co.uk/property-development-finance/ What is real estate or property development finance? This is financing granted for the development or refurbishment of residential, commercial or mixed use properties. These can be single unit or multiple unit projects. Development finance is often granted to experienced and sometimes new builders and developers so that they can […]

Commercial Mortgages

If you need to buy land or property for business purposes you’ll need a commercial mortgage. The business can be one you operate or a related party operates or is let out or rented to other businesses say you are the owner of a retail, battery park, investment Park or free trade zone. Contact us […]

Ijara – Leasing in Islamic Finance

This concept is one of the most popular modes of Islamic Finance for Regulated Residential Home purchase plans which are compliant with Islamic Sharia rules of avoiding Interest or Riba. Contact Everest Financial Services for your Islamic Sharia Compliant Home Purchase plan. “Ijarah” is a term of Islamic fiqh. Lexically, it means “to give something […]

Istisna Explained and uses – Islamic Finance concepts series

Introduction Istisna’ is a sale transaction where an item is transacted before it comes into existence. It is an order to a manufacturer/contractor to manufacture/construct a specific item or asset for the purchaser (borrower). The manufacturer/contractor uses his own material to manufacture the required goods. In Istisna’, price must be fixed with the consent of all parties […]

Islamic Finance series – Mudharaba

What is Mudharaba? A partnership of those people who have funds and those who have skills like scientific, managerial, technical or professional skills. Principles are similar manner to hedge funds managers and investors. Mudarabah financing is a kind of partnership where one partner contributes money (i.e. the financier) to another (entrepreneur, who contributes his expertise, […]